Office Parties


Does your/your partner’s company throw a holiday party? We attended one at my husband’s office yesterday afternoon. It was pretty low-key: some snacks, a ping-pong table, and coloring pages for the kids. My husband won second place in the ugly sweater contest for that Mario jumper you see in the picture, which isn’t really that ugly but only like four people wore ugly sweaters.

I always find office parties a little awkward–perhaps because it’s never been my office we’re partying in, but also because it seems so forced. I got to have a nice chat with somebody’s wife and daughters, but mostly people kept in small clumps of well-known office mates, talking about office stuff and sports teams, about which I know nothing.

The kids had a blast, though. Violet spun and spun to the Christmas music in her head, and Sam tried his hand at ping-pong.

What are your office parties like? I know they vary hugely in size and style. I’d love to hear your stories.


Photos for Santa


Do you take photos of toys your kids want?

I overheard another mom doing this at Target and I thought it was brilliant. Since then, whenever my kids get the gimmes on a shopping trip, we take a picture for Santa. Of course, they know (or should know because I’ve said it over and over) that Santa can’t bring them everything they want, but it’s fun for them to take a picture and they usually forget about that fantabulous toy in three minutes, anyway.

Considering Christmas Cards

Do you send out Christmas cards? Holiday cards? New Year’s cards?

I always mean to, but I sometimes struggle to get around to it. I am a fan of old-fashioned greeting cards, but photo cards are in style and definitely easier, since the greeting is already on the card–you don’t even have to sign it.


But I feel like I don’t get enough good pictures of all of us–or any pictures of all of us.


And the best pictures I get are never very Christmas-y.


I don’t know. Maybe I’ll send out Christmas cards. Or maybe you’ll have to settle for these.

Disneyland with an Autistic Preschooler: Six Tips


During our Thanksgiving vacation, we took the kids to Disneyland. We’d long been worried about it since the boy… well, he has a hard time with new things. As you know, he’s on the ASD (autism) spectrum, and though he’s fairly high functioning in many ways, he has real problems with rigid thinking and inability to understand social norms. Plus, with his communication delays, it’s harder for him to “use his words” than the average preschooler.

However, over the past year, he’s really bloomed. He’s a lot more flexible than he used to be, a lot more verbal, and he’s tall enough to ride every ride in the park. Since Disneyland is one of his daddy’s and my favorite places, and it’s only a short drive from my parents’ house, we decided to take the plunge.

It was a little bumpy, but overall, we had a blast.

So I thought I’d share with you a few lessons I learned over the course of the day; I hope they’re helpful.