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The Internet, Dating, and Internet Dating

I never dated much. I married young. I was twenty-two on my wedding day, and my groom had been my first official boyfriend.

In the brief span of time between my eighteenth birthday and my first date with Ian (though I would not have called it brief at the time), I went on three official dates that I can remember. I also frequently kissed boys at parties–boys who never really wanted to date me. For a while, I kissed one boy exclusively–a few months, maybe?–but he kind of sort of had a girlfriend in Ohio. I convinced myself she didn’t exist. I convinced myself I was in love. Then she moved to California to be with him and that was that. Continue reading “The Internet, Dating, and Internet Dating”

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Writing Challenge: Micro Memoirs

Some of you know I’ve been posting writing prompts on Wednesdays for a while now; sometimes I post whatever I produced from that inspiration, as well. At this point, I’ve posted so many that it seems whatever I come up with is a variation on something we’ve done before.

Now, I present to you what I’ll call writing challenges. Continue reading “Writing Challenge: Micro Memoirs”

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A Springtime Supper

Today is the first day of spring! The world is budding and blooming, bunnies frolic and robins sing their springtime song. Winter’s grip has loosened and we’re ready for a warmer embrace. We step outside and– Continue reading “A Springtime Supper”

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The Philosophy of Motherhood: Play


My son recently discovered a game called Monument Valley on his tablet. It’s way above his skill level but he loves it and he loves for me to help him play (e.g. do it for him). It’s a logic/puzzle game with a sort of surrealist geometry: think of that painting with the staircases going every which way.

Do you ever use your kids’ tablets (if they have them) or help them play their games? Do they ever suck you in? I also really like this game where a panda bear runs a restaurant. It’s so much fun to solve the simple puzzles and feel like you’re doing well at something, even if it’s super easy.

I highly recommend it.