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The Christmas Quarantine

On December 15th, I came down with a fever. A rash started to form on my hands. Then my feet. My throat ached. If I’d ever experienced anything like it before, it was probably back in kindergarten when I had the chickenpox. During a doctor’s visit during which he called my rash “impressive” and my…

“The Simon”

Issue seven of Sundog Lit just went live, and I have a story in it! It’s called “The Simon.” Fun fact: it was inspired by the Dresden Dolls song, “Coin-Operated Boy.” FictionPublicationsSundog Lit

30 for 30: Visit Leavenworth, WA

We hosted Thanksgiving this year. Four grandparents and an uncle spent the weekend doting on Sam: he loved it. I made the best turkey I’ve ever made (this recipe is going to become traditional in my house) and we all ate and talked and laughed and it was really wonderful. The next day, instead of…