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Fred vs. Amelia: A Sourdough Story

A few months ago, I made a sourdough starter. I named him Fred. Fred was a late bloomer. He was sufficiently fed and watered, kept warm and cozy in his infancy, but he failed to absorb much of the yeast he’d need to make a good bread, and his sour was never particularly strong. I…

Writing Exercise: Fan Fiction

What’s your favorite movie? What’s your most-watched movie? Are they the same? Who’s your favorite character? Could you write from their perspective? Good. Because you’re going to. Five minutes: Go. Mine: Fan FictionFantasyFive minute exercisesGoblinsJarethLabyrinthWritingWriting exercises

Twelve Tasty Things

The world’s trickiest cookie? Grilled cheese from an expert. Cheeeeeeeeese. Don’t forget the drinks. It’s almost time for this. I’ve got to make these again sometime. My family loves this soup. I’ve got to try this curry. Eclair heaven. Even the biggest meat eaters need to go veggie sometimes. Big Cheeeeeeeeese. In case your favorite…