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Gearing up for Halloween


It might not be October yet, but we are gearing up for Halloween.

The boy has chosen his costume: he want to be Pops (or Mr. Pops, as he calls him) from the movie The Secret Life of Pets. I’m going to start making it soon so he can’t back out (last month he wanted to be Rocky from Paw Patrol). The girl has been indecisive, but she likes to do what her brother does so since I found a cute little hat on clearance at Joann Fabric, she will be Gidget (also from The Secret Life of Pets). Which means I have to figure out a way to make her as fluffy as possible. Which is going to be absolutely adorable.

I’ve got some fun ideas for blog posts as we near our second favorite holiday: costume ideas, recipes, and so many dumb pumpkin jokes. My version of Halloween is spooky and sweet, mostly kid-friendly, and largely whimsical, so if that’s your bag, baby, I’ll be filling it with treats.

If we ever get over this stupid cold (I’m at the point where I’m losing hope of ever feeling better, even if it’s only been two or three days), we’ll be visiting lots of farms and pumpkin patches, picking apples, and doing oh so many fall-themed arts and crafts, which means you can expect my Instagram feed to be full of festive photos.

I’ll most likely be rereading Frankenstein or Dracula and watching all my favorite Halloween specials, plus the few horror movies I can stomach (Psycho, The Wolf Man, Dracula–mostly classics) and looking for new books and movies to fit the theme.

So get ready: I’m about to become the sensitive, spookish type!

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