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Writing Prompt: Fake News

cropped-pen-and-paper.pngDo you read The Onion? I do, occasionally. Sometimes it’s hilarious, sometimes it’s a waste of time. But amid all the chatter about “fake news” (if people are still chattering about it–I’ve mostly tuned them out) I have to wonder how often humorously fake news sources have had their headlines confused with real ones, and how much periodicals like The Onion and The Oatmeal have affected the undermining of real journalism.

Anyway, this is only a political writing prompt if you want it to be. It could be funny. That’s how I’d go with it–I’ll be straight with you, though, I don’t have time to do a writing prompt today but I have a good excuse! I’m trying to blast through the edits I need to do on my existing novel so I can get to work on NaNoWriMo come November 1. Also, I’m supposed to be editing my brother-in-law’s novel manuscript (Bear with me, Nate! I am progressing through it!). Also, I have about five billion things to make or photograph or list on Etsy, plus kids, plus errands, plus a mountain of dirty dishes.

Excuses, excuses.

Maybe you’re prepping for NaNoWriMo, too, and don’t want to bother with writing prompts. Or maybe this writing prompt works beautifully with all that novel brainstorming and I’ve totally helped you out!

I choose to believe the latter.

Share your fake news in the comments!

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