Kale: Three (Delicious) Ways


As you might know, Honey Bear and I are on a mission: to find happiness, and to help you find it, too. We’ve been researching the crap out of the subject and for the first episode in the series we call Honey Bear’s Guide to Happiness, we decided to start at square one: health. And what could be healthier than kale? Continue reading


A Springtime Supper

Today is the first day of spring! The world is budding and blooming, bunnies frolic and robins sing their springtime song. Winter’s grip has loosened and we’re ready for a warmer embrace. We step outside and– Continue reading

Ceci n’est pas un souffle.

IMG_20180228_090700.jpgI love these fluffy national holidays. Every day is a holiday. Isn’t that cool? EVERY DAY.

Some are more fun than others, obviously, and some are way more fluffy. My favorites center around desserts and other junk food. I especially like them when, like today, they present a challenge as well as an opportunity to stuff my face.

It’s National Chocolate Soufflé Day.

(Get it? A fluffy holiday? Oh, come on.)

People think that soufflés are these ticking time bombs, the most difficult dessert to make, impossible for the average cook to get right. To those people, I say:

raspberry Continue reading

Garlic Bread (with a Twist)


Last night, I was in the mood for garlic. I mean, REALLY in the mood for garlic. I love the stuff. So I decided to make some garlic bread.

Trouble was, I had no suitable bread. I’d have to bake some. And since I was already going to have to make the dough, rise it, bake it, and so on, I thought: why not bake the garlic right in?

So. I whipped up a large batch of French bread dough by kneading together 2 cups bread flour, four cups all-purpose flour, two packets (4.5 tsp) of active dry yeast, one tablespoon kosher salt, one tablespoon dried herbs, one teaspoon of sugar and two and a half cups of warm water (the water, sugar and yeast hung out in a measuring cup to get foamy before being added to the dry stuff). Let that rise for about an hour till it doubled.

In the meantime, I melted about a stick of salted butter and threw in just about a whole head’s worth of garlic cloves and cooked them till they looked like this: Continue reading