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The Philosophy of Motherhood: Play


My son recently discovered a game called Monument Valley on his tablet. It’s way above his skill level but he loves it and he loves for me to help him play (e.g. do it for him). It’s a logic/puzzle game with a sort of surrealist geometry: think of that painting with the staircases going every which way.

Do you ever use your kids’ tablets (if they have them) or help them play their games? Do they ever suck you in? I also really like this game where a panda bear runs a restaurant. It’s so much fun to solve the simple puzzles and feel like you’re doing well at something, even if it’s super easy.

I highly recommend it.

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Life with a Two-Year-Old: A Poorly Illustrated Guide

caption contestThe human two-year-old is simultaneously one of nature’s fiercest and gentlest creatures, and certainly one of its most mischievous. Life with a two-year-old can be difficult, unpredictable, and overwhelming.

There’s not much to be done about “difficult” and “overwhelming,” but we at The Sensitive, Bookish Type have assembled this visual guide to help you understand and predict your two-year-old’s behaviors. Continue reading “Life with a Two-Year-Old: A Poorly Illustrated Guide”