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Happy St. Patrick’s Day/Memories of Ireland

Top o’ the mornin’ to ya!

For this St. Patrick’s Day, I had intended to dress my daughter up like a leprechaun and Photoshop her into some of my old photos of Ireland, but alas–we got the plague. I mean, the flu. Anyway, it kept us out of commission and our fun project went down the toilet with everything else…

But I still have those pictures, and I still like to flip through them and remember the best trip my husband and I have ever had. (Or one of them–we were lucky to do some nice traveling before we had children.) I’m missing Ireland pretty fiercely these days, though the roads were narrow and pitted, though nothing ever opened on time–it’s a gorgeous place, a true emerald isle, full of interesting people (many of them blessed with a bit of blarney). I’d love to travel there again soon, but failing that, I’ll go through my pictures again, and this morning I’ll share some of my favorites with you.


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Short Hair, Don’t Care: A Toddler’s Story


The other night, I was combing my daughter’s hair.

No, that doesn’t paint the picture. The other night, while my daughter rolled around on the floor screaming, I tried as best I could to detangle her wet, matted locks without ripping them straight out of her scalp.

“Stop!” she screamed. “I don’t like the comb! Stop combing my hair!”

“But I have to get the knots out or they’ll just get worse.”

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Ten Tips for Camping with Kids

A few weeks ago, we packed our car to the brim with camping gear and headed for the mountains. We had no campsite reservation: we were being adventurous.

(Also, we’re poor planners, but that just makes life more interesting.)


We knew the chance of finding an official campsite was slim, but we also knew that the forest service allowed dispersed camping in this part of the woods, and we’d seen many a tent pitched along the river or by the side of the road. We had to drive quite a way, but eventually we found the perfect spot: a bare patch for the tent, some shade to sit in, and only a literal stone’s throw from the river.

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Road Trip! (Or, How I Survived 14 Hours in the Car with My Kids)

Every year for the Fourth of July, we travel to Montana to visit my in-laws.

It’s a grueling trip. Fourteen hours in total, which we split into two days: eight hours the first day and six hours the next. If we were young and childless, I doubt we’d find this challenging. We’d drive, find the hotel, eat dinner somewhere nice–perhaps somewhere adventurous!–snuggle up in front of the TV, and so on. In fact, I know we would, because that’s how we did it when we were first married.  Continue reading “Road Trip! (Or, How I Survived 14 Hours in the Car with My Kids)”