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Happiness, Mindfulness, and Goodbye to Facebook

workI had some alone time with my son this morning, while his sister played by herself. I started our conversation by asking, “Do I spend too much time on the computer?”

“Yes,” he said. No hesitation. Not even a breath. Then he changed the subject. Continue reading “Happiness, Mindfulness, and Goodbye to Facebook”

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33 for 33: Visit a Psychic

pexels-photo-235615.jpegI have long wanted to go see a psychic–not because I believe in psychic abilities or tarot cards or anything like that, but because I’m so curious what someone in that profession would say to me. Psychic or no, the people who tell fortunes have to look you up and down, figure you out as quickly and accurately as possible. If they can do that exceptionally well, it’s called mentalism. Whether you believe mentalism is skill or supernatural–that’s your call.

Not that I expected to find a true mentalist in my little Seattle suburb–or anywhere, really–but still. Charlatan or not, I figured I’d get a kick out of getting a reading.

I finally found my opportunity to visit a psychic about two weeks ago, when my husband I were having a date night.

First of all, let me say that this is the perfect date night activity. Fun, a little crazy, and a sure source of conversation for the rest of the evening. Continue reading “33 for 33: Visit a Psychic”

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How to Make Your Own Scarf Display (or: 33 for 33, Do it Yourself!)

IMG_20171031_110450.jpgYou probably know I have an Etsy shop. A couple of them, actually. One of these Etsy shops sells fashion accessories, including vintage and handmade jewelry, and I’m working on a variety of scarves and bow ties.

Problem: how to display said items for photographs?

I mean, there are lots of ways to do it. Just go on Pinterest and they’ll tell you! And, of course, you can model the products yourself–an endeavor that can be frustrating, tedious, and damaging to your self esteem (especially if you’re both model and photographer). Personally, I wanted a sort of half dress form; something to show how the scarf (or tie or necklace) would look on an actual body without my having to get in front of the camera or bribe my children (they’ll do anything for a piece of candy).

Do you know how much these things cost? Obviously, there are cheap options, but I guess I have expensive tastes. And I wanted it to be my own–to represent my brand, if you will.

Finally, I decided: I would make my own. Continue reading “How to Make Your Own Scarf Display (or: 33 for 33, Do it Yourself!)”