You Are Not My Sunshine

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My summer mantra: “I love watermelon.” Because it’s darn near the only thing that gets me through the season.

Not to be negative or anything, but I hate summer.

I mean, I hate it. It’s so hot. It’s so bright. I don’t feel like the people you see in ads, basking in the sunlight; I feel like an ant being burnt alive by some kid with a magnifying glass. Continue reading


Like Pulling Teeth


This morning, I had my last wisdom tooth pulled, which means as you read this I’m probably sleep and/or in pain.

My son has a loose tooth, so he’s a little confused about my tooth being pulled. Shouldn’t it fall out on its own?


Thankfully, my husband has taken the day off work to take care of me. I might just hole up in my shed while he takes care of the kids.

We’ll see how long it takes for my kids (or my husband) to come out and bust down the shed door.

Nursery Rhymes Go Modern

*Note: If you’ve ever looked up the backstories of nursery rhymes, they’re often quite serious, political, or even tragic. I’ve followed that model here. Somewhat.mother hubbard

Not only is Old Mother Hubbard in great shape (she does Pilates and eats Paleo), but she is tech savvy and a big fan of her friend, Alexa. Thankfully, her job in the tech industry treated her well and she’s able to afford a few luxuries, even in her golden years, including premium dog treats for her faithful labrador, Lucille Ball. She is a crusader for animal rights. Continue reading