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Some Cheesy Inspiration to Get You Through The Week

Did you see that Bob’s Burgers where Teddy and the stationery shop owner made an inspirational poster? She had a million pictures on her phone that she’d been taking, just waiting for the right quote. Then Teddy came along with “Today is Yesterday’s Tomorrow.” This is kind of like that. Advertisements Bob’s BurgersCheeseinspiration

Twelve Tasty Things

The world’s trickiest cookie? Grilled cheese from an expert. Cheeeeeeeeese. Don’t forget the drinks. It’s almost time for this. I’ve got to make these again sometime. My family loves this soup. I’ve got to try this curry. Eclair heaven. Even the biggest meat eaters need to go veggie sometimes. Big Cheeeeeeeeese. In case your favorite…


When I was a kid, I had a trademark sandwich. I called it the muttereese because its filling was comprised of: Mustard Butter Cheese As I got older and my palate got more sophisticated, I added pickles. Thus it became the muttereeickle. The other day I was poking around my kitchen looking for lunch and…