Honey Bear’s Guide to Happiness, Episode Two: Exercise!

At long last, I have finished the second video in Honey Bear’s Guide to Happiness. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed filming.


Five Fun Fall Family Photos

I was scrolling through my photos and realized I have not been taking enough pictures of my family lately. There are tons of listing photos for Etsy, pictures of food I might or might not blog about, but very few from our recent family outings. I haven’t posted any photos from our recent apple picking trip because they all turned out really dark (we had a setting wrong on our camera and there was so much glare on the screen we didn’t notice until we were home) but they’re just about all I have of the last month, so here are the best of them:

Her feet are even cute in boots.
Both boys having a blast.
It was surreal to me to let my kids ride on this tractor ride without a grown-up. How big they’re getting!
This slide was a blast but they made me take them so many times, I totally bruised my butt.
Handsome. So handsome.