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Writing Exercise: The Second Person

Have you ever written in the second person? (By which I mean the narrative addresses some sort of “you.”) It’s not a particularly popular style but there are some good examples of it out there. Cherry by Mary Karr is an entire memoir written in the second person. Self-Help by Lorrie Moore uses the second…

Writing Exercise: Fan Fiction

What’s your favorite movie? What’s your most-watched movie? Are they the same? Who’s your favorite character? Could you write from their perspective? Good. Because you’re going to. Five minutes: Go. Mine: Fan FictionFantasyFive minute exercisesGoblinsJarethLabyrinthWritingWriting exercises

Writing Exercise: Google Search

Do a Google search. Random topic that pops into my mind: horses. Choose a photo out of the top results. I chose this one: Who is this guy? Who owns him? Why is he looking at me like that? Write for five minutes. Go. Mine: EzekielFive minute exercisesHorsesWritingWriting exercises