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A New Beginning

Today is my handsome husband’s first day at a new job.

He was at his last job for more than a decade–he started as an intern with his previous company before we met, which was thirteen years ago.

Wait–that can’t be right. We’re not that old.


Anyway, it’s an exciting day for him–for all of us–and I’m hoping he has the best day ever. I know it can be scary making that big a change, and awkward being the new guy, and all sorts of uncomfortable adjectives, but it can also be thrilling.

Let’s hope it’s mostly the latter!


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The Newlywed Game!


I was organizing my office when I found two sheets of paper marked, Newlywed Game Questions.

I immediately found myself back in the small Methodist church where my husband and I got married, in the pastor’s basement office, on a marginally comfortable couch next to my then-fiancĂ©, my knee lightly touching his. The pastor went through the bullet points of the church’s required premarital counseling and tried to get to know us as a couple–especially important since we were not actually members of the church. At the end of the session, she gave us her blessing and these two sheets of paper. They are unmarked. I don’t remember if we ever went through them.

Anyhow, it’s getting close to Valentine’s Day and love is in the air and we’re all thinking about relationships whether we want to or not so I thought I’d share them with you. I think you’ll have fun with them. (Also, I didn’t write these questions–they are a bit old-fashioned and more than a little bit sexist and I recognize that, but I find them amusing. I’m just passing them along.) Continue reading “The Newlywed Game!”

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Five Housekeeping Habits

pexels-photo-434163.jpegI have done a lot of research on housekeeping. I’ve read articles, blogs, sections of books  on the subject. There’s this one lady who runs a vlog called Clutterbug–that’s all she talks about! Housekeeping is a hot subject and there’s a lot of information out there and if you like to do research like I do, you could keep researching for years. There are so many resources for the hopeless housekeepers of the world, and if you’re an excellent procrastinator like I am you know if you’re doing research, you don’t actually have to clean or organize your home.

Basically, housekeeping is hard. And complicated. And if you have little kids like mine, it can feel like a waste of time. You get it, right? You hate cleaning. I know you do because I hate cleaning, too. Even my husband, who is always cleaning, hates cleaning. He just wants the house to be clean, you know? Continue reading “Five Housekeeping Habits”

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A Bowling Ball Named Homer, and other References that Make Up My Marriage

homerLast month, my husband and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary. Tenth! I’ve now officially been married longer than I’ve done just about anything else. Longer than I’ve lived in one place, longer than I’ve attended any school. Wow.

So–lately I’ve been thinking about my marriage.

My husband and I are nerds. “Geeks” might be the more precise term. As in we get really excited about odd things and get kind of obsessive about them. Most of our geekery is separate, but there’s one thing we tend to geek out on together: television. More specifically, animation. Cartoons made for grown-ups. Continue reading “A Bowling Ball Named Homer, and other References that Make Up My Marriage”