Masochism, Motherhood, and Shopping with Children

Do you take your kids shopping? Are they as terrible as mine? I feel like I’m always that mom–the one whose kids are doing something unfathomably bad.

Maybe they’re touching every single apple with their fingers, or maybe their tongues. Maybe they’re not being properly supervised. Maybe they’re projectile vomiting while their heads spin around in the cereal aisle.

Of course, there are good times, too. There are times when no one runs away from me, no one topples a display of dog treats, and we get through the checkout with nary a tear. If it weren’t for these times, I’d never take them shopping again.


On Arts and Crafts

Another week, another video. I filmed a bunch of footage telling you about Heloise’s Housekeeping Hints but unless you needed a sleep aid, you would not have enjoyed it. Reworking that idea now, but in the meantime, some more silliness from me and Sam. Really watch his face throughout the video. He’s the cutest.

List: Rejected Story Lines for Paw Patrol

Maybe the pups don’t need to grow up.

 “Pups Save a Lonely Heart”

At Farmer Yumi’s annual holiday bash, Mayor Goodway has a little too much eggnog and starts to get a little too friendly with Ryder; noticing the uncomfortable situation (Ryder is only ten, after all), Zuma and Skye try to set the mayor up with each of the three adult male residents of Adventure Bay, including Jake, the blonde guy we see sometimes in group scenes, and Mr. Porter. Continue reading → List: Rejected Story Lines for Paw Patrol