Goals & Challenges

Rabbit, Rabbit Day

bunnies-bunny-rabbits-16437997-1280-800It’s Rabbit, Rabbit Day! By which I mean, it’s the first of the month. Do you have any idea what I’m talking about? Let me explain…

There are various ways of celebrating Rabbit, Rabbit Day. Some people simply say “Rabbit!” or “Rabbit, rabbit!” upon waking on the first of the month–it’s supposed to bring good luck. I guess it’s a British superstition. But I learned about it in America, in a small town in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, from my third grade teacher, Mrs. Robinson. She told us that Rabbit, Rabbit Day is a day to make a goal for the month. Nothing crazy, like “Become a unicorn!” or overreaching, like “Become fluent in French!” but something doable. Quantifiable. Something you could check off a list.

So this Rabbit, Rabbit Day (in addition to saying “Rabbit, rabbit!” when I woke up this morning–a tradition I did not know about until I googled it) I am making a goal to donate to two good causes this month. I’ve got my eye on a women’s shelter and my son’s school.

What will you do this month?