My Thanksgiving Binder (and How to Make Your Own!)

I love to cook. I love to chop and peel and knead and whisk–if there’s a menial kitchen task that most people delegate to an appliance or the processed food companies, I probably enjoy doing it by hand.

Not every day, of course. I have a food processor and a blender and a garlic press for everyday use. I use my KitchenAid mixer so much I’ve worn out several paddle attachments and one dough hook. I am no stranger to frozen pizzas and canned chili. These things help me (and my family) survive.

But every once in a while, an occasion calls for some serious cooking–and I actually have the time to do it. These are my favorite days.

That’s why I love Thanksgiving.

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The Girl Gives Thanks

punkinAlways casual, Violet declined to meet me for coffee but invited me to play blocks instead. She wore her favorite t-shirt (a cheeseburger driving a car on orange jersey) and a diaper; her hair was stylishly tousled as if she’d just awoken from a nap.

Mommy: Do you know what it means to be thankful?

Violet: Yeah.

M: Is it like things you like? You’re thankful for things you like?

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The Boy Gives Thanks

IMG_0887.jpgEarlier this month, I met Sam for coffee and conversation.

Mommy: Thank you so much for meeting me here. I know you have a busy schedule.

Sam: I’m just thankful for talking to something that’s really good.

M: You know, that segues nicely into what I wanted to talk about. We’re coming up on Thanksgiving, as you know, and I’m so curious–what are you thankful for? Continue reading “The Boy Gives Thanks”